3 Mistakes That Could Be Sabotaging Your Field Service Operations

Posted by Cantrell Jackson on Mar 4, 2019 9:00:00 AM


Field service software is beneficial for oilfield companies of all shapes and sizes because it helps to maximize and scale operational activity. Today, most oilfield companies have at least one field service management system in place. Without one, operations, ticketing and invoicing becomes even more complicated than it already is. Whereas, if you have a field service software in place, the process of managing systems, services and customers becomes much more straightforward.

Every oilfield service makes mistakes, big or small. The good news is that a majority of these can be fixed with the right field service software. Having issues managing inventory? Roustabout Software can keep track of your tools and resources. Experiencing difficulties getting all your field technicians scheduled? Roustabout Software can help you deploy your team more efficiently in the field.

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Bearing that in mind, it’s important to understand that even with field service software in place, things don’t always go according to plan. Wondering what these things might be? In today’s blog, we’ll shed light on three common mistakes that may be sabotaging your field service operations.


1. You aren’t learning from your data.

Field service operations generate tons of data on workers, equipment, routes, territories and assets. If your oilfield company isn’t leveraging this data, you might be missing out on some valuable opportunities. Roustabout Software allows you to view detailed reports – so you can easily access records on every job and customer.

 With the right reporting tools, you can quickly identify service bottlenecks and reoccurring problems in your oilfield company. Not only does this help you identify solutions more effectively and streamline operations, but data analytics combined with remote sensors and monitoring can help predict problems before they ever occur.


2. You aren’t leveraging payment and billing automations.

Most oilfield service tools have billing and invoicing features, yet few allow you to automate them. Roustabout Software’s invoicing and billing functions allow you to accept payments in any form. Digitalization isn’t just good for your company, it can benefit your business as well. By switching to field service management software, companies can complete their invoicing in half the time.

As mentioned, everyone makes errors from time to time. However, it’s extremely unprofessional to send out invoices containing errors. It can cause a lack of trust and concern that sensitive details about the job may not be safe with your company. This is why it’s beneficial to take advantage of field service software that’ll improve the accuracy of your invoicing and streamline operations.  


3. You’re still working from a clipboard.

The third mistake we see happening with oilfield companies is that their technicians are being sent out each day with clipboards, carbon copy forms and a binder full of paperwork. Because oilfield workers don’t have access to a centralized system, they have to key in the data at the end of the day – which adds time and creates a margin for human error.

Field service software helps your company coordinate operations between the field and office more effectively. More specifically, it allows you to automate routine tasks, streamline service orders and more. This also gives technicians access to service knowledge and back-end systems in the field which can greatly impact the quality of the job.


In Summary

We’ll be honest; oilfield customers have little patience for mistakes and inefficiencies. Many discontinue partnerships with partners because of one or two poor experiences. To keep your customers loyal for the long haul and strengthen your competitive edge, you’ll need to deliver excellence. Excellence that starts with the right tools, training and field service software in place.

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