Eliminating Roadblocks and Errors In Your SWD Payment Process

Posted by Jersey Gregory on Mar 7, 2019 4:33:56 PM

Getting your tickets to the billing stage is a long and tedious process. Small errors throughout this process can result in lost tickets, incorrect data, or delayed payment. Disposal Software has a unique and secure process that gets you from ticketing to invoicing with ease.

The first step in our process is data entry. Once the tickets have been dropped off by the driver, they can then be uploaded to Dropbox using a scanner, and at the top of every hour, our system will pull those scans out of Dropbox and into Disposal Software! You can also manually upload scanned tickets directly into the software if you prefer.

Once the tickets are in the system, they will appear on your data entry page.


data entry page

Your tickets can be entered by your own employees, or you can ask us about our data entry services and we'll assign a team of our own employees dedicated to entering your data the way you prefer. Our side by side Data Entry form makes it easy and fast for anyone to enter data with the scanned ticket and the ticket form in view.


ticket entry

Simply enter the information as it appears on the ticket, using our zoom tool to read messy handwriting up close. After entering an entire set of data, you can mark that batch as complete and move on to the next one!

Once your tickets have been marked completed, they move on to our Admin Approval step of the process. This is our first data validation and verification step in the process. Here, your office administrator can view all entered tickets in a list form and expand each ticket to verify that all Customer, Hauler, Lease, etc. information is correct, as well as check each ticket for correct BBLs. If everything is in order, you mark it as correct and send it on to the next step.

admin approval-1

We also have a color coding system where you can set process parameters like BBL Floor, BBL Max, Date, etc. If any of the tickets fall outside of your set parameters, DSS (Disposal Software) will automatically flag those tickets so that you make sure to further review them for accuracy.

The next step in our process is more data validation and verification, the Invoice Approval stage. The primary purpose of the Invoice Approval step is to ensure that the correct fields from DSS are mapped to the correct fields in your integrated accounting platform. This is also your chance to check the ticket for accuracy one last time.

next step

Disposal Software is compatible to integrate with a number of accounting platforms, the most popular being Quickbooks. You can either bill to the hauler, (DSS will automatically group all tickets for the specific hauler) or bill to the customer (DSS will automatically group tickets on a per lease basis to bill directly back to the operator).

From here you just need to select which tickets to approve and send on to billing. This step is equipped with many filters which make it easier to find the tickets you wish to approve. Only the approved tickets will move onto the next step.

Our Invoice Review step varies depending on your accounting platform, if you would like to know the exact process for your accounting platform, feel free to reach out to us! We would love to answer any questions about any of our software.

Once the invoices have been processed within your accounting platform, they then move on to our Invoice Lookup/Invoice Status stage. From here you can easily view your invoices and even assign them customizable statuses such as "Out For Signature" or "Payment Received." This means knowing exactly where your invoices are in the billing process at all times.


And that's it! Each step in our process is carefully planned and created specifically for oilfield service companies. We would love to answer any questions you have, so don't hesitate to reach out on our website or even schedule an online demo.

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