How Your Trucking Company Can Save Itself With Data

Posted by Jersey Gregory on Mar 28, 2019 2:17:56 PM

One of the most powerful tools in business also happens to be one of the most under utilized tools. This tool is data. Many companies see data as a nuisance, they think of all of the pointless filing and paperwork that must be done to keep the business running. The fact is, if you're not organizing and using your data correctly, it can become a nuisance.

If you're simply storing all of your old field tickets and asset records in numerous file cabinets never to be looked at again, you are stripping it of its incredible value and leaving behind a sad, useless carcass. However, when utilized correctly, those boring old field tickets and any other past information can become integral parts of your company's growth strategy.


So how do you do it? How do you turn dated stacks of paper into powerful business tools that will save you money and improve productivity? Well the truth is, you can't do it completely alone. To get the most out of the data you already have, you need a top notch reporting tool.

Reports are the middle ground between jumbled information and concise, useful data. They take information you've already seen, and present it in a new way that answers questions and provokes thoughts about operations. I'm going to show you just a few of the many ways that the reporting tool in Hauling Software can streamline your trucking company's operations and increase efficiency.

Date Range Report

The date range report in Hauling Software is the most simple yet versatile report available. There are countless ways within this report to view all completed ticket data for up to one month.

First, you must select your date range. You can choose one of our preset date ranges such as "Last 7 Days" or "Last Month," or select your own by choosing "Custom Range." Next, you can use the Advanced Filters to narrow down your data.

advances filters.jpg

Our Advanced Filters menu has plenty of options to narrow down your search results. Filtering by yard could help you to see which yards need more trucks, or have the highest revenue. Filtering by pusher can give you insight into your individual workers' productivity. By mixing and matching these and many more limiting factors, you have a quick and easy to way to create your own accurate reports that will help identify which factors within your operations are slowing you down, and which ones are the most successful. (You can also export all reports to CSV file within the software.)

Invoice Status Report

Another great report in Hauling Software is the Invoice Status Report. In Invoice Lookup, you can assign every invoice a status such as "Out for Signature" or "Ready for Upload." This gives you a clear view of where every invoice is at in the billing process. Using the Invoice Status Report, you can filter by invoice status to see exactly how much revenue, etc. is tied up in each stage of the process.

invoice status report

The Invoice Status report also allows you to add advanced filters. For example, if you filter by a specific yard, you can view all invoices within a certain invoice status for that yard only. This is an incredibly helpful tool for managing revenue and determining how efficient your company is at processing invoices.

These are just two of Hauling Software's 15+ reporting tools. With our advanced filters, you can create limitless amounts of your own personalized reports to help you move your oilfield service company into the right direction.

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