The Proof Is In The Profit

Posted by Jersey Gregory on Aug 2, 2019 1:45:09 PM

Do you pack your lunch for work the night before? What if I told you by doing this you would get 15 extra minutes of sleep in the morning and save an average of $1,043 a year? There's nothing more gratifying than knowing your hard work is paying off, even just a little. At Cantrell Jackson, we pride ourselves on transparency and visibility. So instead of telling you our software will save you time and money, we'd like to show you exactly how much time and money will be saved.

To do this, we looked at the real numbers to determine if implementing our software truly does make a difference for our customers. 


Roustabout Software, Hauling Software, and Disposal Software work to shorten the time from job assigned to payment received. Our real time job assignment means workers get in the field sooner. Our data entry service or e-ticketing app means tickets get entered when they're turned in, not weeks later. This means invoices get created quickly, (oh, and did I mention automatically?) and you get paid faster.

The numbers we were given show that after deciding to utilize our software, the time it takes to get invoices out was decreased by an average of 7.088 days for our customers. That puts your business an entire week ahead of schedule, and months ahead over the course of a year.


As invoices are getting sent out more quickly, the number of tickets to follow is naturally increased. Our customers reported an increase of billable tickets by an average of 1049 tickets per month.


It's no secret that everyone looks forward to pay day. With Cantrell Jackson software, you get paid more quickly as work gets done more efficiently. After comparing our customers' average monthly revenue before utilizing our tools, with six months after implementation, we were able to conclude that our customer's revenue increased by an average of 45%! Honestly, how can you afford not to give us a try? Especially since the average monthly cost to utilize our system ends up being about 0.22% of monthly billed revenue.

Talk about an ROI! These figures definitely drive home what we continually say about the importance of management "knowing the numbers" throughout the entire process.


Is it worth it?

From an objective perspective, making the choice to give our software platforms a try is a no brainer. We work tirelessly to ensure every step of the ticket to invoice process moves as quickly and efficiently as possible. The increased visibility allows users to easily identify bottlenecks in their processes and address them accordingly.

Not only does our software speed up existing processes, but we also offer a wide array of advanced reporting tools in each of our platforms. This gives you incredible insight into your data that you've never had before. You can then use this information to further your processes for maximum success. This means improvement and growth for your company is continual.

Schedule a free demo today to see exactly what our software can do for you. Our platforms are perfectly tailored by people with real oilfield experience to suit your company and its operations. Click below to learn more about each of them and request a demo.

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